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HB ENTREPRENØR AS provide interior and exterior doors and more for commercial and residential building projects.

Wooden interior doors are produced from oak, ash, alder, pine, mahogany, beech and other glued wood girders. Such doors are distinguished by a larger steadiness and stability, warm, safe and quality wooden doors. In order to please the clients as much as possible we focus on their individual needs. These are and design subtleties, the peculiarities of dimensions, the ways of covering the surface, etc. The doors are painted with the RAL palette color of your choice, lacquered with varnish or oiled.

Veneered internal doors are a sheet shell that was glued on with the help of a hot press or a veneer (from 0.6 to 1.5 mm thickness). In this way, the look like the doors were from solid wood is imitated. For the veneering of doors, shells of traditional wood types (oak, ash, birch, maple, etc.) are used and of exotic wood types (mahogany, teak, wenge, etc.) as well. Our doors are produced in accordance with your desired design and the provided measurements.

The solid wood doors are expensive doors for those that like an exclusive interior, real natural wood. They are made from oak, ash, pine, and teakwood. Can be stained or dyed in any chosen color, lacquered or oiled.

Glass doors can be suggested with an aluminum jamb or a veneer that is covered by solid wood. The design of the glass is very diverse, from a clear smooth surface to a glass with various ornaments.

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